Recipe of IDLI

Recipe of IDLI | recipe of idli making | idli making in hindi | idli and samber. Idli is prepared by Dal and,chawal. Idli can be made instantly with Rawa/Suji. It You can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner whenever you feel.

To make Idli from Dal chawal, soak Dal chawal, grind it and prepare a mixture and allow it to ferment. We also have to plan earlier, then those living in hot place and after ten to eight hours batter is ready for Idli.

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Ingredients of recipe of  Idli

  • Rice(chawal) –  1and half cup
  • Urad dal – half cup
  • Baking soda –  1/4 tsp
  • Salt – add to taste
  • Oil – To grease Idli stand

Making of recipe of Idli

Recipe of IDLI | recipe of idli making | idli making in hindi | idli and samber
Recipe of IDLI | recipe of idli making | idli making in hindi | idli and samber

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Step1 of Recipe of IDLI = Mixture

Recipe of IDLI| idli making in hindi | idli and samber. Wash Urad dal and rice, soak in water separately for 3 hours.Remove excess water from Urad dal and tusing less water grind it into a fine paste. Also remove water from rice and with a little water grind it into a thick paste. Mix both together and prepare a thick mixture.

To ferment the mixture add salt to taste and baking soda then cover and place in a warm place for 8-10 hours. Fermented mixture doubles in quantity. Mixture for preparing Idli is ready. Now we start to make Idli.

Step2 of Recipe of IDLI = Making

Stir the mixture with a spoon, if it is too thick add little water. If you have the traditional utensil for making Idli then it would be much better. Else you can use Idli maker or cooker. Take out the Idli stand, clean, Grease all its plates with oil. Pour equal amounts of mixture into the moulds, fill all of them and fix to the Idli stand. To cook Idli place idli maker on gas.

Step3 of Recipe of IDLI = Cooking

Cook Idli on a high flame for 9-10 minutes. Turn off the gas, Idlis are cooked.  Remove the idli maker form gas, separate the plates, cool the Idlis off and with the help of a knife take them out and place on a plate.  Idlis are ready. Serve hot Idli with hot Sambhar and coconut Chutney and it ready to eat.

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